Skip the dealership and get the car you want, not the car they want to sell you

A new automotive buying experience where there is no dealership, no negotiation and one point of contact by your side, regardless of make or model, new or used for the entire process.  Best of all you can test drive any car, anywhere and anytime.

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How Henry Works

1. Build your collection

Collections is a curated visual workspace where we can easily organize the vehicles you want to see, learn more about and discuss them with your sales professional.  Invite your spouse, parents, or friends to join your search and share comments about the vehicles so all communication is centralized. The fun part? Taking you car-shopping until we find your perfect car.

2. Test-Drive On Your Own Terms

Your driveway. The coffee shop you love. Your office. We’ll bring the test drive to you, we’ll accompany you at the dealership or you can head to the dealership and unlock any vehicle you want directly from our app and test drive on your own terms.  Best of all, no sales-people pressuring you

3. No Negotiations

With our market insights, advanced analytics, local price tracking, and sales representative expertise, we show you what your friends and neighbours paid for the same car, and secure a fair price before you ever open the drivers door. 

4. Sit Back and Relax

No dealership visits, really.  Not even for the paperwork.  Everything is handled directly in our-app.  We deliver the car right to your door. 

Toronto’s Top Automotive Sales Representatives



BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercede-Benz, Volvo


English, French, Croatian



Chevrolet/GM, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge


English, French

What makes us different

Unlimited selection

Because our sales representatives don’t work for a dealership or a specific brand, we are not limited to the cars on the lot or having to do a dealer trade. Our only goal is to ensure we find you the right car at the right price, regardless of where it's located.

State of the art technology

We are powered by technology that enables our sales representatives to deliver superior service and at a lower cost. We pass these savings on to you. Through our proprietary platform, Henry is changing how sales professionals and clients navigate the process of finding or selling a car.

Flat fee instead of commissions

Unlike salespeople who work at dealerships, we pay our sales representatives a flat fee regardless of make or model, new or used. This ensures unbiased experience and always end up in the right car. And best of all, this is 100% free for buyers.